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"The so-called paradoxes of the author, shocking the reader, are often not in the book, the author and the reader's mind" - Friedrich Nietzsche. Why all this? It's simple. How many people, so many opinions. This is a popular expression, as it is impossible by the way, refers to the books. Each reader will see in the book something of their own. Based on their knowledge, their own worldview, a personal preference. Some see in the book of incredible adventure, others - human relations, others notice the animals described in the casual cell page. Books can not be divided into good and bad. Any good book on its own. It all depends on who reads it. Take, for example, made a lot of noise Nabokov's novel "Lolita" in due time. His curse all those who have at least some relation to the literature. Today, this novel is admired by many, it is counted among the classics, that is important. In this context, we can see any book. Some people prefer to read books from the list of 100 best novels of mankind. Another great day like novels that can be read and forget. No matter what you like to read, the main thing that you have read, forced his brain to work.

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